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What is this all about?

This web site is dedicated to paper trading futures.
It is a well known fact that paper trading helps traders of all levels to learn how to trade the markets, test techniques and systems and prepare for real-world trading - without risking a penny!

There are unsurpassed advantages to become a member of our Paper Trading Club:

  • It is ABSOLUTELY FREE ! - There are no sign-up fees, brokerage fees, use fees or ANY fees at all.

  • AND IT'S FUN!!!

  • Simply fill out the form and you can start placing orders immediately.

  • There's plenty of resource material available to members - charts, quotes, tutorials and articles that are updated daily to help in your learning process.

  • There's also member-to-member help area - if you have questions - other members, professional traders or brokers can answer them.

  • You cannot lose! That's right - you are trading fictitious money! Of course, you can loose on paper - but that's the whole point!

    Once you learn how to trade on paper with no risk and see that you are developing your trading style, you might try moving on to trading real money - AND MAKING REAL MONEY!
    You trade paper money and learn how to trade at the same time.



  • I take my hat off to you. Thank you so much for having such a site available to the public. In this world of me, me, me, take your money and run; it is refreshing to know that there are still businesses out there that will sacrifice free time to help others learn the ropes. I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to practice at my own pace this very interesting and somewhat scary business of commodity investing. If I learn well I will definitely be investigating your services further when and if I am able to open a real-money account.

  • I have been Paper Trading for two years now. I know it seems long, but I need to be certain. I have the Ken Roberts Course, which is what got me excited into trading. Just about 6 months ago I saw your site and became a member, let me say; you guys are great! Honestly, I'm not quite there yet, but I just became a father, my son born on 1/4/2002, has inspired me to work that extra mile. I now know that with your site I won't be alone. I would like to thank every one involved with this site and that it is a great thing for you to provide this service, especially being free. You see, now I know I have a fighting chance to provide a better future for my son. Possibly one day I may just be featured as one of your highly profitable members, I know with this site and my sons inspiration I will get there. Thank you and keep doing what your doing, because it's great.

  • Thanks very much for the quick response. I am learning a lot by using your site.

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